Monday, July 6, 2009



The following documents illustrate that a power has been kept hidden from us for the direct purpose of opening our eyes at the proper time. It preserved an intelligently prepared plan that is hidden in the scriptures designed to inner act with our minds as a developing tool that will motivate and control a means necessary to inspire all humanity.

The human mind is so powerfully capable that within its structure is a complex processing center that has been waiting for mankind to reach a beginning stage of maturity that would allow us the proper type of growth in order to interconnect the human race to a protective means of monitoring, gathering and maintaining mankind’s knowledge in a single collective body of wisdom.

Please understand a powerful persuasion has been controlling our freedoms to comprehend these issues and is the soul reason it was impossible to believe in. Understand The Creator is demonstrating His patients in matters we do not fully understand. It is about the entire human race as God desires’ that every human being understand His intentions are to protect life and not destroy it.


Steve H. said...

you really are one sick twisted fucker.. you should go to the electric chair dude.

Deirdre said...

That's not all you were keeping hidden. Sick bastard.

Anonymous said...

You are the kind of sick perverted human who uses God's name to hide behind your satanic ways. If you had ever thought God's thoughts you could not live as you did. You stole this child's life to gratify your appetite for perversion.

Christeena said...

Sick Bastard!

Bizerker said...

you sick fuck piece of shit

coreydh9 said...

Death by torture to him and his wife!

kattaztrophe said...

You disgusting freek!
I hope they rape you in prison!

Diabolics .|. said...

Absolute horror. I hope all freaks (i.e. religious people) understand the implication of their religion. You are all to blame since moderate religious people make up the basis for which the nut cases draw their mandate. Religion is stupid- period.

Darren said...

You apparently are already fucked in the head, now you're going to be fucked in the ass. Do the world a favor and off yourself you demented piece of shit.

mistrinanka said...

God does not talk to kidnappers and child rappists.

zdubs said...

If anyone needs proof that God doesn't exist, your proof is Garrido.

It's a cruel world and "God" can't even help poor victims like Ms. Dugard, so please support your local police officers as much as you can.

Jason said...

This guys is sick. zdbubs God doesn't come down and save everyone. This doesn't prove anything. Keep your uintelligent comments to yourself. A child molester getting arrested has nothing to do with God. Just because he went under the guise of being a religious man doesn't mean you have to put down all religious people.

zdubs said...

I mean no offense to religious people. But I think Mr. Garrido shows that there is an important link between belief in the supernatural and mental illness. He believed he heard voices coming from an invisible entity - a God. Believing in invisible magical entities that noone can prove exist is often cited as a sign of mental illness. Have a nice day, everyone!

scarface7 said...

Zubdub, to assert that belief in God is similar to a belief in fairies or mythical creatures indicates you have little or no knowledge of what you are discussing and that you are simply regurgitating Dawkinsian soundbite which makes you intellectually lazy. Your assertion as to a link between the belief in the supernatural and mental illness is absurd.
Garrido is evil, simply put. And deluded. Your atheism is pathetic. Don't blame God for the acts of this evil man, or assume that God hasn't intervened. This girl is heading home.

Henry said...

I agree with ZDubs ... the connection between mental illness and religiosity is clear. Anyone who today would make ANY of the claims in the old and/or new testaments (speaking to God via burning bush, being the lord/savior) would be rushed to a mental hospital. But since it's in a "holy" book, it's accepted as true. (Sick, sick, sick)

Shawn Molloy said...

"inner act with your mind"?? its INTERACT moron. Looks like you didn't go to school either.

Its not like you will ever get to read this, cuz you are rotting in jail and most likely will be sodomized and shanked with a bed spring soon. good luck with that.

Sridhar said...

You deserve to be executed publicly.
Better yet, you should be given a slow and painful but public death.

You should be hanged from a tree bleeding so wolves can reduce you to bits.

Sridhar said...

To all who plan to kidnap children:
You will be chased and executed mercilessly.

Steve said...

This guy's got some issues.

Ruiner of Souls said...

"... to assert that belief in God is similar to a belief in fairies or mythical creatures indicates you have little or no knowledge of what you are discussing and that you are simply regurgitating Dawkinsian soundbite which makes you intellectually lazy."

How is it different?

How much knowledge must one possess about the North Pole and Elves before one declares Santa Claus bullshit?

Theists just jump through philosophical hoops in order to arrive at their conclusions. I don't need a doctorate in philosophy to understand the shortcomings of, say, Pascal's wager, Kalam Cosmological argument, the Ontological argument, C.S. Lewis' triple L false dilemma... etc.

The evidence is clear - God/s is/are not there. If it/they were, there would be no reason to prove its/their existence through words alone. By God, there would be SOME proof.

"Don't blame God for the acts of this evil man, or assume that God hasn't intervened. This girl is heading home."

After how many years of torture? Are you SERIOUS? The conclusions I can gather is that a) this man was deranged, b) your God let this torture happen, c) understandably this was the Christian God because the sick bastard portrayed in the Old Testament sounds like He would approve of this.

Calladus said...

When it comes to bullshit, big-time, major league bullshit, you have to stand in awe of the all-time champion of false promises and exaggerated claims, religion. No contest. No contest. Religion. Religion easily has the greatest bullshit story ever told. Think about it. Religion has actually convinced people that there's an invisible man living in the sky who watches everything you do, every minute of every day. And the invisible man has a special list of ten things he does not want you to do. And if you do any of these ten things, he has a special place, full of fire and smoke and burning and torture and anguish, where he will send you to live and suffer and burn and choke and scream and cry forever and ever 'til the end of time!

But He loves you. He loves you, and He needs money! He always needs money! He's all-powerful, all-perfect, all-knowing, and all-wise, somehow just can't handle money! Religion takes in billions of dollars, they pay no taxes, and they always need a little more. Now, you talk about a good bullshit story. Holy Shit!


And for those of you who look to The Bible for moral lessons and literary qualities, I might suggest a couple of other stories for you. You might want to look at the Three Little Pigs, that's a good one. Has a nice happy ending, I'm sure you'll like that. Then there's Little Red Riding Hood, although it does have that X-rated part where the Big Bad Wolf actually eats the grandmother. Which I didn't care for, by the way. And finally, I've always drawn a great deal of moral comfort from Humpty Dumpty. The part I like the best? "All the king's horses and all the king's men couldn't put Humpty Dumpty back together again." That's because there is no Humpty Dumpty, and there is no God. None, not one, no God, never was.

DaFaDa said...

It’s hard to witness things like this and “Keep The Faith”, as they say, but I still think it is important to do. If you were to ask: “Why does God allow this to happen”, I could only answer: “I Don’t Know…”. And, I don’t know that he does allow this. We are all given the ability to choose –some of us, as in this man’s case, choose poorly. Do not allow the mistakes of others, to sink you deeper into despair –the world has enough hate in it already, we don’t need to add to it.

Please understand: I have no sympathy for this couple either and I have specific things that I think ought to happen to them. But, this should not rattle the foundations of what we believe in, nor affirm to us that goodness and a divine being does not exist!

Jordo said...

Fuck this guy and the religious mentalities that make it possible. Also, Caladus, you should give Carlin credit, where credit is due.

andrea said...


b.rayy said...

May God have mercy on your soul, God knows i wouldn't. Hopefully you get what you deserve and burn in hell.

thelord said...

Hey Phil Garrido,
It's me God; I'm having trouble speaking to you with you being in jail an all. It must be all the metal bars and praying going on. I don't think you can hear me.

Here's my idea - you need to find a way to kill yourself and join me here in heaven. I'm really looking forward to meeting you. Your story is so "heartwarming" I want to personally introduce you to all the saints and angles and folks.

So now I command you to find a way Phil, I know you can do it. You must kill yourself now or I'll be very disappointed Phil and you don't want to get me mad now do you?

Looking forward, to seeing you soon.

Iron_Horseman said...

You deserve death by cheese grater you rotten lousy puke!


Apparantly, "Cultural Trance" is your development of an old theory I've seen somewhere before. When Columbus sailed to the New World, the natives on the island of Cuba didn't greet his arrival because a ship had no significance to them. They were ignorant.

I'm not too sure about this theory.
It would seem like they would at least have noticed something was in the water and getting bigger as it approached, even if they didn't know what the thing was.

annienygma said...

This guy was sick, but not stupid. This blog was started too recently. A true fanatic with a story to tell would have hit this blog hard with like daily posts or something, but he didn't.

This is a setup to make him appear like a nutcase so he gets institutionalized instead of put into prison. He knew what he was doing. Why now drag those kids out in public after hiding them for so many years? He's ready to put this behind him and get ready for his next victim as soon as he is parolled again (or released from the nuthouse).

I hope the police see through this blog. I really do.

Greg said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Greg said...

You selfishly stole that child from her parents...wreaking grief, heartache, and havoc on her parents and satisfy your perverted, sick, and twisted lust.

You're an evil, rotten bastard Phillip Garrido, and for the rest of your life, while you're rotting away in prison, you're going to find out (from other prisoners) what it's like to be a victim.

Have a nice life.


miavaquerita said...

The concept of evil includes the concept of good; both are religious constructs, as an atheist I don't recognize that dichotomy. What I *do* recognize is
science, psychiatry in this particular case, and the DSM IV, which will tell you that schitzophrenia and other forms of psychoses are often recognized by the presence of voices and speaking with God.
Religion is its own worst enemy, the source of conflict for ages and forever....and Phil is a sociopath who's trying to save his ass--literally--from jail, where child molesters have a real hard time. If I believed in hell, this is probably what it's like. Whatever happens to him, it will be pretty bad.

Someone said...

So basically police still don't have a connected database to determine if they are speaking with sexual preditors or religious goody two shoes. Hmmm, with all the technology in the world it seems that someone might have noticed a few years back that this guy was a severe mentally deranged pervert with a couple of inhabited tents in the back yard and a code violation. The disgusting freaks are getting away with rape and murder while the taxpayers are footing the bill for what?

Kelly said...

"I mean no offense to religious people. But I think Mr. Garrido shows that there is an important link between belief in the supernatural and mental illness."

This maybe the most stupid thing I have read on this blog. Zdubs you are an idiot.

Joseph Davis said...

I think that the ultimate problem that you are posing in the midst of this is the questions of God and suffering. Does He have any clue what suffering is? Does he care?

I will say this. The God of Christianity is not the distant deist who is admiring the world going to crap from afar. He is the God who entered into human suffering and lived a life full of suffering from manger to cross.

If God exists, it will be the God who empathizes with the human plight, simply Jesus.

CoveredWriter said...

Screw religion, let's torture this guy slowly. Start by dripping acid on him...then let the public pelt him with small rocks, as to not kill him...

I want to see him walk 20 miles in the desert with no clothes and only enough water to survive. Scathing sunburns....

I want to see every finger broken..

hung upside down and lashed/whipped on his back.

Death penalty is too easy, allow him to live in prison and get ASS RAPED by gangs. they HATE child predators, then he will be killed atlas by an angry hells angel felon. That's my kind of justice, bitch.

N2Wishin said...

I don't know if you will ever see this, but I remember the day you were abducted and I want you to know I kept you in my prayers that you might be found alive and safe...You have had a lot of people praying for your safe return for a long time.

Rhonda in Carson City

Karmenita79 said...

I can not believe you use Gods name in your blog. You sick ass.

"His intentions are to protect life and not destroy it."
Who the heck are you to say what God's intentions are?

You just completely destroyed 3 young lives. They will never recover.

Syzygy said...

I'm an atheist, but the link some are making between religion and schizophrenia is unsupported, in my opinion. He hears voices, so he's schizophrenic. In present-day United States, the person "hearing voices" is likely to interpret that as communication from God. The belief in God didn't spawn the voices, it just guided the way they would be interpreted.

Other people might interpret "the voices" as evil spirits or government mind control or extraterrestrial communication via telepathy.

This pedophile apparently had some religious beliefs, but it's debatable at this point how much those beliefs contributed to his various delusions and criminal actions. I'm sure we'll find out more in the days to come, but at this point we just don't know.

There are lots of reasons to oppose religion (and, to be fair, some reasons to support it, or at least tolerate it), but it's just too easy to point and say, "See, THIS CREEP had religious delusions, therefore religion is bad." He's just one guy, and most religious people would condemn him at least as strongly as you do.

starman said...

There is nothing religious about this demons blog. He is just another spawn of evil trying to hide behind his false interpretation of Christianity or as you Atheist call it Religion. This demon is also an Atheist. If you Atheists really studied the book you would see where his quotes are not even worded properly. If you are using this platform to make your boasts against false religion,that is all right. But if your war is against Christ and the word of truth then that makes you on the same side as evil rapist.

starman said...

I was an Atheist at one time long ago.It was a world full of trying to convince others that there was no God and no power of good verses evil. There was no such thing as love either. There is no hope if God does not exist. For you I am sure that God dose not exist and you will never have love in your life either, because love comes from his spirit. God is not going to give you something that you do not believe in,You will be choosing evil rather than good just to defy Gods existence to prove he has no power over you, but he lives anyway

Greg said...

I'm an atheist. I have plenty of love in my life. In fact, I love life more than the run of the mill theist.

Theists count on another life after this one, so they spoil away their ambitions and days looking forward, in vane, to something that will never come.

I love my days, spend them wisely and live for the present not some spiritual pipe dream.

I'm surrounded by the love of my family, wife and proudly atheist children.

James said...

For what you have done, I hope that you are dragged through the streets until barely alive, allowed to heal, then dragged again... for the next 30 years. How in the hell do you honestly think people will be "impressed" with your sick story? Torture is what you inflicted, torture is what you deserve.

Rot in Hell.

James said...

Torture is what you inflicted, torture is what you should receive for the rest of your worthless life.

Rot in Hell

brit65 said...

Shocking, disturbing story.

As long as the rights of protection remain with the criminal, we will continue to read such horrors. Those strategically placed to ensure this man was not a danger to the public, should be fired and on welfare. Complete indefensible incompetence!! The campus cop who just did not feel comfortable and rang alarm bells should be given a hero's award.

As for castration, would that it could work. Sad fact is, if you disable a sex offenders penis he will abuse in other ways, no matter how creative that means he gets.

The only way to protect the law abiding, decent public from these freaks is to lock sex offenders up, and throw away the key.

I too believe God will deal with him, but until that day, WE need to deal with him as a civilised society. Lock him, and the wife, no matter how brain washed she claims to be, and possibly the mother, up too!!

I wish the girl and her children the very best recovery from this trauma that is possible, and hope they are afforded the help support and privacy required to come to terms with their horrific ordeal.

starman said...

Well Greg, you are truly are a lucky soul.To have all that love in your life, you must be busting at the seams with joy and happiness. Love is a spiritual gift from God few Atheist feel unless Christ is about to touch their souls with his love to save them.
He dose this when he is about to offer a soul the new life with him in it .
It is his love that that makes us know that the experience is real. Love can heal a thousand sorrows. So God is in your life you just haven't accepted him yet. Here is something I want to share with you.

starman said...

As I is a spiritual gift from God.
Christ brought it to this world to give to anyone that would just believe in it's power. It s because we can feel gods love that we know he is real and alive. A soul that denies god and his love long enough will be like an empty husk with no light in it and no ability to feel love at all. This man and his wife are demonic souls, They have very little light in them. It is for evil souls like them that God created eternal death. Evil souls have defied God in a spiritual war up to the present trying to defend

starman said...

and justify there selfish acts of murder rape and other lusts hiding there evil from site with expressions of false religious manipulations. The are deceivers. They show no love or mercy or compassion towards their victims they are physically, mentally, and spiritually, torturing and intentionally destroying to amuse themselves. Granted greedy men are falsely representing Christ's teachings and his church in this world Like greedy pigs at the trough in an open display of mockery To Christ and true Christians.

cari said...

You don't sound all churchy and christian. You sound like a Scientologist. Both are batshit insane, and the hardcore, narrow-minded, child-raping extremities of both should be beaten by the mothers of the children they destroy.

starman said...

The world should judge these smiling Hollywood style men openly fleecing the poor and elderly of this nation and gloating over their success and even flaunting their wealth to the congregation. Give me all your money and I tell you God will bless you with untold Wealth and success just like he is doing for me. Throw that seed money up here and god will grant you a great harvest.Thats it God loves a cheerful giver. On third of the service is useless filler chit chat by the new wave hollywood actor ,stage christians
the next is the lets have a happy song and then a cry song by the ex hooker still wearying those fake eyelashes and a mask of makeup and mile high wig from her other career," Ah she's a Hoot," and besides the public likes the drama for such color mingled with the gay stage personnel. Whatever works say's the preacher grinning and rubbing his hands together Just keep that money rolling in "Praise God an Thank You Jesus". We have the singers up after Candy does her cry song. Then it's collections time hallelujah and I give them a little of the word and some of my special speaking in tongues and we have a wrap dose this sound familiar?

starman said...

Yea ,I see it too and it makes me mad.If that is what being a Christian was about I would not be one and I would not want to hang out with anyone that promotes, or believes that these Flim Flam con artist are representatives of Christ or his teachings, They are not servants of the Kingdom of God or the body of Christ Church that is not made by hands but is the temple of the living God and a Holy priesthood that Christ has called to be the mouth piece for the living word and vessels for the habitation of the Holy Spirit.Called of God to be his children

starman said...

Christ would not have dealt kindly or with love or forgiveness to these kidnapper rapists that are murderers of the souls of the innocent.
He will he will judge and destroy them and anyone else that Chooses to serve evil as one of Satan's Servants.
As for the false teachers and money merchants in his temple making merchandise and charms of the things of God? He showed his anger violently in the temple throwing the money changers out along with sacrificial the animals they were selling in the temple yelling. You shall not make my Father 's House a house of merchandise. My Fathers house is a temple of worship. Or words to the same affect. You can check it out for verification.

starman said...

If you are going to speak out against any part of the Old or New Testament or about those who do believe In knowledge, Moral truths, or spiritual things that you do not accept for yourself and want to correct the believers ignorance that frustrates or insults your common sense and reality,at least read the book and argue with what is written in your own mind and present your evaluations from a mind that has researched the subject enough to have a valid opinion If you do this your opinion will be not only treated with respect but also you will be more familiar withe the subjects and issues which is alway' a confidence builder.If this thing we call the word of truth is a lie and a fable to you read it and look for the things you can point out as being false and cover at least a couple chapters if not the Old or new Testament as a whole just to be fair.

Brandon said...

I hope when you try to prove your a mental case they remember how you think your so good with your mind and will fool them on your test.
How DARE you take someones child and have no heart for the family you left behind.

Björn said...

To blame religion for this tragedy is like saying violent computergames and movies are the cause for schoolmassacres.

These are mentally ill persons, and no computergame or religion made them ill. If religion did not exist this person would have still been mentally ill and capable of what he've done.

I must admit I find it a little bit odd to be religous nowadays. But I respect others belief.

frankO said...

um, take this shit down. Nobody needs to hear this cracked headed douche bags words. What the hell is wrong with you people at Blogger and in law enforcement?


frankO said...



Cleck the Warrior said...

This guy deserves to rot in prison and suffer a horrible fate. Unfortunately people do not always get what they deserve.

There are two things this world could do without, preachy religious psychos and preachy psychopathic atheists. Neither have any idea of what they are talking about but are so sure that they are right. The supernatural can not be proven nor can it be denied logically or linguistically. The arguments on both sides are all just irresponsible language patterns claiming to be fact.

etc said...

This man was rapping children when he was a teenager. How do I know that?

Renee said...

To Ruiner of said " By God, there would be SOME proof".

to that i say....just because you don't know God does not mean he is not there. you just don't know him. some of us do and continue to pray for those of you that don't

to the family of Jaycee Lee and to her personally and her girls...if you ever read this...he is real, he is God and he is still good no matter what we suffer.

Anonymous said...

your life is not built on a great foundation and I was wondering, how does it hold all you fat fucks?

Diabolics .|. said...

Starman... are you lining up with the psycho rapist blog owner? You sound all too familiar. All religious people should take this moment to shut the F up. Religion is stupid and dangerous and you all have a personal responsibility when a freak like this hides behind the invisible cloth of "accepted nutcase behavior due to religion". This guy spread his religious shit for years and only because you religious fanatics share the same view, was he let loose and not scraped up by the police for being the freak he is. You "moderate" religious people only block the view so that we cannot get to the "a little bit more" religious people like this blog owner. Read your bible and see that this blog owners work is actually rather mild compared to what is in that crappy story.

The IT Guru said...

I hate to say it, but this piece of worthless shit would have done the girls a favor if he killed them. God only knows the pain they have to live with now.

Argue about religion? Nah. Believe in god? Fine. I would rather spend my time with a sling blade carving this mother fucker up like a Thanksgiving turkey.

Right about now pretty boy should be mixing Kool Aid and Jailhouse toilet water together to make some shimmery lipstick. That is what the big black guys like their girlfriends to do inside jail. Soon he will have a mouthful of cock 24/7.

Tim for you to be the sex slave mother fucker. Protective custody only works for so long, eventually they will get you, believe me.

Starr Pharr said...

Kidnapping a kid then PIMPING her (and her daughters) against her will to drunk Mexicans while stealing her WHOLE CHILDHOOD AND YOUNG ADULT LIFE!?! Shit, there are no words - and no limit to what I WANT to do to you - that can satiate my passionate RAGE for you. Nigger, I hope somebody cuts your dick and balls off, and stuff it in your mouth Venezeula style.

Starr Pharr said...

As for the friendly neighbors who were aware of her presence, they need to be shot too! They are just about as guilty and complicit as the guilty party. "I didn't want to report them since I didn't want them messing with my expensive fishing equipment" - (said by a neighbor of his). So a kid's life is less important than some silly ass fishing rods! WTF. What a selfish ass piece of shit! I hope they kill the neighbors too and, (since I live in L.A.) when I have kids, I will NEVER FUCKING RAISE THEM IN THAT PEADOPHILIA TOWN! Sick bastards. Thanks, media, for doing something good for a change and placing a spotlight on that fucked up, 10 TIMES warped ass version of Peyton's Place.

Starr Pharr said...

As for the friendly neighbors who were aware of her presence, they need to be shot too! They are just about as guilty and complicit as the guilty party. "I didn't want to report them since I didn't want them messing with my expensive fishing equipment" - (said by a neighbor of his). So a kid's life is less important than some silly ass fishing rods! WTF. What a selfish ass piece of shit! I hope they kill the neighbors too and, (since I live in L.A.) when I have kids, I will NEVER FUCKING RAISE THEM IN THAT PEADOPHILIA TOWN! Sick bastards. Thanks, media, for doing something good for a change and placing a spotlight on that fucked up, 10 TIMES warped ass version of Peyton's Place.

Liberty said...

Has anyone in all this mess actually looked into why those Contra Costa County sheriffs didn't see squat when a woman Erika Pratt, did? I mean it's easy to get all worked up and vent, but how about looking up some of those police records, etc.? These dudes out here aren't all they're cracked up to be.

Another blog on the site shows he actually was allowed to incorporate "God's Desire," and it has official seal. Guess we have a very free world.

Someone was on the take, or in on the action. One CC deputy was forced to retire on paid administrative leave ($140K or something ridiculous) after being accused of raping a female co-worker. He was on the sex crimes unit. Then the investigation was so politically hot, THAT made news. Now people are up for re-election around here.

The Berkeley (female) cop wasn't on the take, it's probably that simple. Plus, different county.

Use the energy to see if you can change the system to make a difference for the next one(s), OK?

I've tried to get help from this county, they didn't. Lots of women did. Do something constructive! Some can be done on-line. I bet some of these commenters are local. Help, please!~ ~ ~ (I am a parent who had children stolen on an overnight, and it was tossed off like nothing. It's not nothing to them!) It's a life-wrecker, and it's also illegal. . . . .

Most people CLOSE to a situation and not "getting it" I'm guessing are either 1. In denial (social self-preservation); 2. In-Volved, and playing deaf dumb and blind, because pointing fingers would point ot themselves, or 3. simply In-humane. Someone else can be sacrificed, not me. My X< Y< Z, A< B< C is more important than saving a life, when it's crossed my path and I had the ability to save. Yeah, (Brit 65), it's a social problem for sure. I don't like looking at the contents of this person's brain (as regurgitated onto his blogs), but truth is important, and in this matter, it does exist somewhere, and I mean the truth of who all looked the other way, OR, of, why was he released? Then stick up a blog somewhere that gets the items up there. I blog at I want answers and I follow the money. . . . .

No excess profanity and no threats, including what you wish to happen to this dude -- a lot of people who come there have PTSD from past violence committed against them, including some people who have been raped, beaten, or had kids stolen.
We want (and are getting some) answers as to why this can't be stopped, with all the $$millions of grants flowing through the system to supposedly stop it. Where's the leak? What's the lousy policy? . . // I also put up a few search tools, it's a large project, and it's not about saving the world, it's about saving a life or two.... The social scientists aren't about to do this, they are more interested in their careers talking about someone else's misery, for a fee (sometimes, high fees), and how to re-instate (as if it weren't already) the caste system in the U.S.

Mesila 333 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Mesila 333 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
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Chris said...

Sick - sick sick- very ill- makes me sick. This girl will make millions off you while you die- slowly-
Good for her!!! and her kids- that they will over come you -

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