Monday, July 21, 2008

CULTURAL TRANCE is for individuals who refuse to believe that I have produced a set of voices, are doing so due to human conditioning


Is a condition that exists when large bodies of people have accepted something as truth.

In the days of Columbus everyone knew the earth was “flat.” Today everyone knows it is not possible to produce voices for others to hear as experience clearly marked it as not possible.

The reason I have taken the time to qualify my findings through the legal system is obvious.

When you hear of my findings you will be experiencing a “flat world concept”

Because everything we know is based on our past personal and educational experiences in life thus we have all been conditioned in a variety of ways that can build “blind spots.” It is a sensory locking out of the environment that builds a Scotoma to the truth about the world and ourselves because of our preconceived ideas.

This causes us to:
SEE what we EXPECT to SEE

The result is we often develop scotomas to the “TRUTH.”

This awareness is also about to be apply to an age old book
That will be reading in a powerfully unique way
It will allow us to hear what we
Have never heard before.

(Isaiah 6:9)
9He said, "Go and tell this people: `Be ever hearing, but never understanding;
be ever seeing, but never perceiving.' N.I.V.

The preceding information in its basic form is from a private educational corporation
(THE PACIFIC INSTITUTE, INC. Seattle, Washington)
And is not affiliated with this project in any capacity.


jiLLianne frances Sierra said...

" It is a sensory locking out of the environment that builds a Scotoma to the truth about the world and ourselves because of our preconceived ideas."

Is this why you locked Jaycee and the children in sheds for 18 years? So that they could find the truth?


EB said...

I refuse to believe anything you say for you are clearly a sociopath and a psychopath and you babble nonsense.

That you could justify kidnapping and repeatedly raping a little girl, forcing her to give birth to your children, keeping them all prisoners... it is beyond comprehension.

You ARE the lowest of the low. You ARE a monster. You and your wife are both warped.

You are also a fool and so are the pathetic souls who came to your revivals.

If I believed in hell, I'd be certain you would get what's coming to you there. Unfortunately for you, YOU are the one that has to believe in it, not me. And there you will spend eternity as an 11 year old girl, being raped.

I hope Jaycee and her children can survive the horror you inflicted on them, and know that there are good people in this world who will do their best to protect them and heal their hearts.

kattaztrophe said...

They never should have let you out of prison you sick waste of flesh.
Scum like you should be disposed of.

Madena said...

Phillip Garrido you sick evil bastard. You heinous evil, evil spawn of the devil. You kidnap Jaycee Lee Dugard at the age of 11. Rape her keep her as a slave in a shed!!!! For 19 years!!! And had 2 children with her, which means she gave birth at the age of 12!!! You sick bastard. How is this oh so religious hypocrites did not know you were a convicted pedophile, for rape by force!!!!? Are you people that stupid! Or just plain ignorant!!!!?

Micah said...

I hope you die painfully and horribly scumbag. Watch your fkn back pedo.

kattaztrophe said...

I hope your cock rots off.

Tatarize said...

Everybody knew the world was round even back to the library of Alexandria. Columbus didn't show the world was round. In fact, Columbus was wrong about what he claimed to be right about (the diameter of the Earth).

Further, it's entirely possible to produce voices for other people to hear. It's called "talking" you dumbass. It's what people who hear voices actually tend to do. If you ask auditory schizophrenics to open their mouths wide the voices stop.

Mentally ill person does mentally ill things. Christian forgiveness morphs into "I hope your cock rots off."

Dhaval said...

Hey sick motherfucker The last fucker I heard using God to justify his evil actions was Bush telling us that he murdered millions or Iraqis because god told him to do so. What is up you bastards. why don't you fuckers, you and Bush get togather and procreate each other in the ass. sick fuck.

Wolf said...

Hopefully you'll hear voices when you are raped repeatedly in prison.

Anonymous said...

We are all children of God. You too were once an innocent child worthy of all the love this world could give. Jesus forgave the lowliest of the low showing us that humanity has the capacity to do the same.

My heart hurts when I think about your actions. My heart hurts when I think about how tortured your mind must be. But I must remind myself that you are part of God's creation. You are a redeemable human spirit -- that is, you too have the capacity to do great good in this world.

Through recent events and any help you receive, may God help transform your full being back to the loving child He initially created. All of God's children deserve our love.

kat said...

Could this devil not be charged with the crimes he commited because of a Statute of Limitations. Good God this can't be true. If nothing else, this man deserves to be convicted as the criminal he is.

As for J.C. and her children: why not set up a fund for the therapy and education they all are going to require. I am living on SSDI but I know I will donate what I can as long as I know the money will go to these children and not some scam artist pocket.

God Bless you J.C. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

Cris Melo, of said...

Religion is collective illness.

Anonymous said...


Please be aware that he is NOT a licensed minister from ANY reputable Christian school, bible college nor university.

If you have given money to this man, you have given it to help fund his abuse of at least two people: the woman he abducted and raped in 1976 and now, we find out, Jaycee.

According to one neighbor, he was also seen with two other girls. While these may have been the girls he fathered with Jaycee, they could also be other possible victims.

PLEASE CONTACT THE POLICE DEPARTMENT and do the right thing by handing them any information, especially in writing, wherein you have had dealings with this man.

Jordo said...

malaney vorass, I don't want to be part of your gods creation if it includes things like this twisted fuck. What a great and powerfull creator to have some sicko like this running around raping his other creations. beautiful.

Joe said...

You are a mistake. Pure evil, left to rape and pillage. You are a coward, a fool, and a twisted pile of shit. You will rot in hell, condemned, beyond redemption. Have no illusions - you are to be punished, painfully, forever.

mae said...

Oh shove it, Garrido. No one believes your crap except your own polluted mind.

Wolf said...

Melanie Vorass:
You are as sick and twisted has Garrido is!! GET HELP!

Todd McCalla said...

There is no place in Cool Springs Franklin TN low enough to hold this bag of trash.

seVen said...

You people realize this piece of scum won't be reading your comments from jail?

Michelle said...

You will meet your true judge sooner than later I am sure. May God have mercy on your soul.

Barceloni said...

Just because a guy uses God's name in vain, why would you people believe them??? Why would you believe Bush (Skull and Bones, Thule society offspring satanist) and this nut when they say they speak for God? Why would you take this as a chance to tell people how evil and stupid Christians really are??? What's the relationship?? JC DIED for his enemies, for you and me. Can't you think straight for once?

Michelle said...

I am not backing this up. I am just seeing what others are saying!

Star said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
veggiedude said...

"Religion is collective illness."

Well said.

At least we know what to look out for. The religious nut job. Know of one?

Anonymous said...

I am saddened to see this has become an attack on religion and, in particular, Christians. This sicko was just that- a psychopath. His teachings reveal nothing remotely CHRISTIAN.

I think, rather than trashing religion, people on here take a good hard look at a system which allowed this person OUT OF PRISON and on probation after he had been convicted for rape/kidnapping before.

I would rather trust God than the worlds' systems any day.

Anonymous said...

Jordo said: "What a great and powerfull creator to have some sicko like this running around raping his other creations. beautiful." fine Jordo. So you reject God on the basis of one sick, twisted perverted person doing what sick, twisted, perverted people do.

So then, tell me- if you reject God on this basis, how about a society which allows him to roam free? The man was incarcerated before for kidnapping and rape. The woman he did this to almost DIED from it.

What kind of society allows that, eh Jordo?

This isn't about "God allowing". It shows the depravity of the human psyche APART from God.

Something to think about, eh?

NSXV70 said...

No one in this world knows less about God and religion than you. You are a psychopath and sicko. I hope you rot in hell.

Anonymous said...

Not cool, dude. Not cool at all. Enjoy prison, rape-o. I hope Jaycee and your daughters can do their best to escape your memory and have the best lives they can. Now we the taxpayers have to pay for you to rot. You should have killed yourself in 1990.

Michelle said...

I guess God is giving us a warning of what a man can do if he practices free will. What a sick sucker. What happened to this man as a child. It is a shame that now the girls are upset because he is gone from their lives. What he did to these females is beyond reprieve.

Lika-liku kerja di Kuwait said...

you are fucking idiots.. disgusting old man..

Anonymous said...

your life is not built on a great foundation and I was wondering, how does it hold all you fat fucks?

Karen said...

I hope the both of them are put in with the general population in prison and get over and over again what is coming to them with no guards to protect him or her.

Now let's turn our disgust and anger into something positive by helping Jaycee and her family get the help they all need to rebuild their lives by sending checks to the Jaycee Lee Dugard Trust Fund c/o Viewtech Financial Services, P.O. Box 596, Atwood, CA 92811. I am in no way affiliated with this family or the fund but I strongly believe we all need to pitch in to help. Therapy and attorney's fees are expensive and many people giving even just a little bit helps greatly.

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There is only one word for you....

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talksoup soup said...

This blog disappear and you be brought to justice

The sound of G_ds trumpets as you are thrown down the sewers of hell

That this is a schizophrenic using G_d as his crutch to explain the taking of a 14 year old girl's childhood as well as that of the daughters you spawned with her.

What in the world makes you think G_d would chose a person without a soul to guard hid flock?


talksoup soup said...

This blog disappear and you be brought to justice

The sound of G_ds trumpets as you are thrown down the sewers of hell

That this is a schizophrenic using G_d as his crutch to explain the taking of a 14 year old girl's childhood as well as that of the daughters you spawned with her.

What in the world makes you think G_d would chose a person without a soul to guard hid flock?